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Water Leak Detection and Repair. RMG Plumbing, serving Fontana, California and surrounding cities, understands the destructive potential of water leaks in homes. Left unnoticed, these leaks can lead to cumulative damage, causing hidden rot and erosion, drip by drip. Furthermore, wasted water equates to wasted money, with each drop adding up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars on utility bills. When your Fontana home experiences a plumbing leak, trust the expertise of RMG Plumbing’s leak detection specialists. We are available 24/7, providing fast and reliable solutions to patch up your water system.

Signs Your Home Has Sprung A Leak

Introducing RMG Plumbing, serving Fontana, California, and nearby cities. Water leaks pose a challenge as they are often hard to detect, allowing them to persist unnoticed for a significant duration. However, certain signs can help you identify a leak sooner. We prioritize knowledge and aim to equip our customers with the most reliable and up-to-date information available. Here are six indicators that may suggest a water leak:

  1. Increased water bills: Typically, water bills remain consistent month to month, with only slight variations. If you notice an unusual spike in your water bill, it could be an initial and evident indication that your home’s plumbing system has a leak.
  2.  Unusual grass growth on the lawn: The presence of abnormally vibrant grass patches can point to an underground leak providing excessive water to that specific area.
  3.  Unpleasant smells and odors: Unexplained odors, like mildew, might signify an unseen leak within your plumbing system.
  4.  Inspection of walls and ceilings: Discoloration or bubbling paint on walls or ceilings can be an indication of water damage, possibly caused by a hidden leak.
  5.  Wet spots on carpets or warped floorboards: The presence of water damage in the middle of the floor suggests a slightly more severe leak called a “slab leak,” occurring beneath your home’s foundation.

At RMG Plumbing, we are committed to assisting you in detecting and resolving any water leak issues promptly.

Water Leak Detection Repairs

Common Water Leak Locations In Monterey

Introducing RMG Plumbing, proudly serving the Fontana, California area and its surrounding cities. Fortunately, home plumbing systems tend to exhibit similar functionality, making it effortless to anticipate the primary locations where leaks are likely to occur.

Leakages seldom originate from cracks in straight pipes; rather, they typically manifest at points of least resistance formed by fittings, valves, and other areas where water is contained or multiple components are joined together. Considering this, the most prevalent sources of leaks within residential settings include:

1. Faucets and sinks
2. Toilet flappers
3. Shower heads and hoses
4. Supply lines
5. Hot water tanks

At RMG Plumbing, we proudly serve the Fontana, California area and surrounding cities. Leaks are a common issue, typically occurring at points with numerous connections and moving parts. Consequently, locating and identifying most leaks becomes relatively easy. If you suspect any water leakage in these problem areas, don’t hesitate to have our professionals inspect it promptly!

Although water leaks often go unnoticed, it’s important to be vigilant for their symptoms. Plumbing systems are prone to problems over time, and our mission is to keep our customers well-informed and prepared, enabling them to reach out to our dedicated professionals at RMG Plumbing when the need arises.

Smart Water Leak Detectors

Introducing RMG Plumbing, serving Fontana, California and surrounding areas. In today’s technology-driven world, plumbing has advanced significantly, and homeowners now have access to a valuable tool: leak detectors.

If you’re interested in benefiting from automatic leak detection, simply let our team know. We are here to provide top-notch service and ensure your plumbing system operates flawlessly.

Let RMG Plumbing Your Leaks And Stop The Rain! | Water Leak Detection Repairs

RMG Plumbing, serving Fontana, California and neighboring cities, specializes in addressing water leaks, a prevalent problem faced by plumbing systems. Our commitment lies in delivering dependable and uninterrupted 24/7 water leak repair services in Fontana, California. If you suspect a leak in your home or seek the peace of mind provided by a leak detector, reach out to our skilled team of experts without delay. Allow us to seal your leaks promptly, ensuring a dry and secure environment for you today!


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